Ant Infestation in Needles, CA House? Avoid Leaving Food Out, Grease, Water Leaks, Moisture & More that Attracts Ants!

While most ant species may seem harmless as far as health concerns go, they are obnoxious when you see them constantly crawling around your kitchen. They can really be a frustration when it seems like you are doing everything in your power to keep them from coming back and yet they do. There could be some things that you are doing, unknowingly, that are attracting ants though. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. is here to share some reasons you may have ants in your home.

Leaving Food Around Out Attracts Ants

Ants are going to be looking for a food source when they enter your home. Anytime you have an ant infestation, it is time to see where they are getting their food from. Even if you have a small amount of crumbs in the corner of your pantry, it can be enough to attract ants. They are going to be looking for greasy, sugary foods and your kitchen is probably the perfect place for them to find the food they need. Establish good cleaning habits that will keep any food put away and out of an ant’s grasp. You should be cleaning up spills as soon as they happen and storing food in containers that ants can’t get into.

Fix Water Leaks to Keep Ants & Other Bugs Away

The next thing that ants are going to be searching for is a water source. This is why it is so common for them to gather in the bathrooms and kitchen. If you have any leaking pipes, this will only make the problem worse. You should also be watchful for any faucets that have a slow leak. Ants are small; and it doesn’t take very much water for them to get all that they need. Any sign of leaking pipes and faucets should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid ant problems.

Food Grease on Surfaces Invite Ants

You may not have any food that is getting left out or crumbs that are gathering in your corners, but if you have surfaces that have leftover greasy residues on them, it could be all it takes for ants to come calling. There are food particles found in this grease, and they will likely partake in the mess. To avoid these types of problems, you need to be wiping down your stovetop when you use it and clean up any jars that have sticky substances on them like syrup, jam or honey.

Moisture in Water Damaged Wood Draws Carpenter Ants

Some ants like carpenter ants will seek out wood that is damaged by water to build their nests in it. If you have damaged wood anywhere on your house or on your property, it is wise to remove and replace it with healthy wood so you avoid this destructive pest that can end up costing you thousands in property damage.

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